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  1. 2011-10-18Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements: Supramolecular and Self-Assembled Metal-Containing Materials
  2. 2011-10-18The Airplane: How Ideas Gave Us Wings
  3. 2011-10-18The Art of Wheelbuilding: A Bench Reference for Neophytes, Pros & Wheelaholics
  4. 2011-10-18The Ecology of Phytoplankton
  5. 2011-10-18The Google Way: How One Company Is Revolutionizing Management as We Know It
  6. 2011-10-18The Owling (The Shadowside Trilogy, Book 2)
  7. 2011-10-19Advances in Computational Algorithms and Data Analysis
  8. 2011-10-19Beowulf Cluster Computing with Linux
  9. 2011-10-19Beowulf Cluster Computing with Windows
  10. 2011-10-19Computational Molecular Biology: An Algorithmic Approach
  11. 2011-10-20Architectural Technology
  12. 2011-10-20Bionanodesign: Following Nature's Touch
  13. 2011-10-20Build And Upgrade Your Own Pc, Fourth Edition
  14. 2011-10-20Linear Models for Optimal Test Design
  15. 2011-10-20Protocells: Bridging Nonliving and Living Matter
  16. 2011-10-20The Psychology of Computer Programming
  17. 2011-10-20Demon Knights #2 (2011)
  18. 2011-10-21Barry's Introduction to Construction of Buildings
  19. 2011-10-21Beaded Collars: 10 Decorative Neckpieces Built with Ladder Stitch
  20. 2011-10-21Civil Liberties and Human Rights (3rd Edition) By Fenwick
  21. 2011-10-21Conformational Proteomics of Macromolecular Architecture: Approaching the Structure of Large Molecular Assemblies
  22. 2011-10-21Dynamics of Cell Division
  23. 2011-10-21Fundamentals and Applications of Microfluidics
  24. 2011-10-21Making Master Guitars
  25. 2011-10-21Nonlinear Dielectric Phenomena in Complex Liquids
  26. 2011-10-21On the Track: A Guide to Contemporary Film Scoring, Second Edition
  27. 2011-10-22Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks: First International Workshop
  28. 2011-10-22Biological and Biomedical Nanotechnology
  29. 2011-10-22Chromatin and Disease
  30. 2011-10-22Emerging Nanotechnologies: Test, Defect Tolerance, and Reliability
  31. 2011-10-23Learning Processing: A Beginner's Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction
  32. 2011-10-23Linking Restoration and Ecological Succession
  33. 2011-10-23MMIXware: A RISC Computer for the Third Millennium
  34. 2011-10-23Origami Design Secrets: Mathematical Methods for an Ancient Art
  35. 2011-10-23Origami to Astonish and Amuse
  36. 2011-10-23Programming the Cell Processor: For Games, Graphics, and Computation
  37. 2011-10-23Self-Organized Nanoscale Materials
  38. 2011-10-24Autodesk Inventor 2010: No Experience Required
  39. 2011-10-24Between Necessity and Probability: Searching for the Definition and Origin of Life
  40. 2011-10-25Handbook of Nanoscale Optics and Electronics
  41. 2011-10-25Media in Wales: Voices of a Small Nation
  42. 2011-10-25Service-Oriented Java Business Integration
  43. 2011-10-25Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology
  44. 2011-10-25System Modeling and Control with Resource-Oriented Petri Nets
  45. 2011-10-25The Chlamydomonas Sourcebook: Cell Motility and Behavior, Volume 3, Second Edition
  46. 2011-10-26Galaxy Tab - The Missing Manual - [FSR][UPS]
  47. 2011-10-26The Intel Microprocessors: 8086 8088, 80186 80188, 80286, 80386, 80486 - Pentium and Pentium Processor
  48. 2011-10-26Tissue Mechanics
  49. 2011-10-27Applied Biophysics: A Molecular Approach for Physical Scientists
  50. 2011-10-27A Generative Theory of Shape
  51. 2011-10-27Bio-Inspired and Nanoscale Integrated Computing
  52. 2011-10-27Bioinformatics: A Practical Guide to the Analysis of Genes and Proteins, Second Edition
  53. 2011-10-27Fuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius
  54. 2011-10-27Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection
  55. 2011-10-27Information Theory, Evolution, and The Origin of Life
  56. 2011-10-29Machine Vision : Theory, Algorithms, Practicalities
  57. 2011-10-29Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
  58. 2011-10-29Molecular Orbitals of Transition Metal Complexes
  59. 2011-10-30Algorithmic Bioprocesses (Natural Computing Series)
  60. 2011-10-30Amazing Rubber Band Cars: Easy-to-Build Wind-Up Racers, Models, and Toys
  61. 2011-10-30Computational Electromagnetics (Texts in Applied Mathematics)
  62. 2011-10-30Nanostructured Materials, Volume 1
  63. 2011-10-30Nanotechnology: An Introduction to Nanostructuring Techniques
  64. 2011-11-01Business Analysis with QuickBooks
  65. 2011-11-01Concrete Abstractions: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Scheme
  66. 2011-11-01Introduction to Nanoscience
  67. 2011-11-01MEMS/MOEM Packaging (Mcgraw-Hill Nanoscience and Technology)
  68. 2011-11-01Mesocrystals and Nonclassical Crystallization
  69. 2011-11-01Paint Realistic Animals in Acrylic with Lee Hammond
  70. 2011-11-02Physics of Carbon Nanotube Devices
  71. 2011-11-02Principles of Nanophotonics (Optics and Optoelectronics)
  72. 2011-11-02The Britannica Guide to Theories and Ideas That Changed the Modern World
  73. 2011-11-02Thermodynamics, Third Edition: Principles Characterizing Physical and Chemical Processes
  74. 2011-11-04Essential Linux Device Drivers
  75. 2011-11-04Fantasies & Flowers: Origami in Fabric for Quilters
  76. 2011-11-06Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation
  77. 2011-11-06Advances in Virus Research, Volume 46 (Advances in Virus Research)
  78. 2011-11-06Crunch!: A History of the Great American Potato Chip
  79. 2011-11-06Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing for M-CORE Systems (with CD-ROM)
  80. 2011-11-06Highlights in Colloid Science
  81. 2011-11-06International Review Of Cytology, Volume 239: A Survey of Cell Biology
  82. 2011-11-06Programming Language Pragmatics
  83. 2011-11-06Programming with C
  84. by Jörg Henkel, Muhammad Shafique / 2011-11-10Hardware/Software Architectures for Low-Power Embedded Multimedia Systems
  85. 2011-11-11Reverse Engineering Code with IDA Pro
  86. 2011-11-11The C Programming Language, Second Edition
  87. 2011-11-12Making PIC Microcontroller: Instruments and Controllers
  88. 2011-11-13Bluetooth For Java
  89. 2011-11-13Computational Biology: New Research
  90. 2011-11-13Expert .NET 2.0 IL Assembler
  91. 2011-11-13Lead-Free Electronics: iNEMI Projects Lead to Successful Manufacturing
  92. 2011-11-13SolidWorks 2010: No Experience Required
  93. 2011-11-13The Definitive Guide to How Computers Do Math : Featuring the Virtual DIY Calculator
  94. 2011-11-13The Good Fight: Battle of Britain Wartime Propaganda and The Few
  95. 2011-11-15A Tester's Guide to .NET Programming (Expert's Voice)
  96. 2011-11-15Advanced .NET Remoting, 2nd Edition
  97. 2011-11-15Advanced NXT: The Da Vinci Inventions Book (Technology in Action)
  98. 2011-11-15COM and .NET Interoperability
  99. by eep Kumar Shukla, Jean-Pierre Talpin, S / 2011-11-15Synthesis of Embedded Software: Frameworks and Methodologies for Correctness by Construction
  100. 2011-11-16Oxford University Press Ebook Ultimate Collection (Total 652 EBooks)


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