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Unity 5.x Game Development Blueprints


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Unity 5 x Game Development Blueprints

Date: 2016
Pages: 428
ISBN-13: undefined
Author: John P. Doran

Size: 49 MB
Format: epub
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Key FeaturesUnleash the power of C# coding in Unity and the state of the art Unity rendering engine.Through this unique project-based approach, you will create 7-8 action-packed games from scratch.This assortment of games will take you on a fun-filled journey of becoming a full-fledged Unity game developer.Book DescriptionThis book will help you to create exciting and interactive games from scratch with the Unity game development platform. We will build 7-8 action-packed games of different difficulty levels, and we'll show you how to leverage the intuitive workflow tools and state of the art Unity rendering engine to build and deploy mobile desktop as well as console games.Through this book, you'll develop a complete skillset with the Unity toolset. Using the powerful C# language, we'll create game-specific characters and game environments. Each project will focus on key Unity features as well as game strategy development. This book is the ideal guide to help your transition from an application developer to a full-fledged Unity game developerWhat you will learnFind out how to create exciting and interactive games using GUIsPrepare animations to be imported and exportedPersonalize your animation game with Unity's advanced animation systemWork with different animation assets and componentsCustomize the game by modifying the player properties and creating exterior environmentsCreate, visualize, and edit animated creaturesFamiliarize yourself with best practices for Unity 5.x animation using iTweenDesign character actions and expressionsCustomize your game and prepare it for playinAbout the AuthorJohn P. Doran is a technical game designer who has been creating games for over 10 years. He has worked on an assortment of games in teams consisting of just himself to over 70 people in student, mod, and professional projects in different roles, from game designer to lead UI programmer. He previously worked at LucasArts on Star Wars: 1313 as a game designer. He later graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA, with a Bachelor of Science in game design.John is currently a part of DigiPen's Research and Development branch in Singapore in addition to DigiPen Game Studios. He is also the lead instructor of the DigiPen-Ubisoft Campus Game Programming Program, instructing graduate-level students in an intensive, advanced-level game programming curriculum. In addition to that, he also tutors and assists students in various subjects and gives lectures on C#, C++, Unreal, Unity, game design, and more.He is the author of Unreal Engine Game Development Cookbook, Building an FPS Game in Unity, Unity Game Development Blueprints, Getting Started with UDK, UDK Game Development, Mastering UDK Game Development, and he cowrote UDK iOS Game Development Beginner's Guide, all available from Packt Publishing. More information about him can be found at of Contents2D Twin-stick ShooterCreating GUIsGUIs Part 2 – Clicker GameMobile Endless Game – Procedural ContentShooting Gallery – Working with Animations and TweensSide-scrolling PlatformerFirst Person Shooter Part 1 – Creating Exterior EnvironmentsFirst-person Shooter Part 2 – Creating Interior EnvironmentsFirst Person Shooter Part 3 – Implementing Gameplay and AIBuilding an In-Game Level EditorFinishing Touches
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