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[share_ebook] The Chronicles Of Riddick

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The Chronicles of Riddick centers around the character of Richard B. Riddick from the film Pitch Black. Riddick’s Chronicles opens with a high speed chase on the far-flung ice planet of UV 6. Following the events of Pitch Black, Riddick has been on the run for the last five years, in an attempt to keep his friends Imam and Jack (survivors from Pitch Black) safe. A bounty hunter named Toombs finds Riddick in exile, and attempts to capture him for a '1.5 million' bounty. This attempt ultimately fails, when Riddick steals Toombs’ ship and flies off towards the planet Helion Prime, in search of Imam. In some versions, during transit Riddick is plagued by visions from a character named Shira, who tells Riddick that he is the last of a warrior-race known as Furyans.

When Riddick finally does land on Helion Prime in the Islamic District of New Mecca, he confronts Imam - demanding to know why bounty hunters were sent after him, in addition to why Jack is missing. Imam concedes that Jack went looking for Riddick several years ago, and ended up in jail on the planet Crematoria. Imam goes on to introduce Aereon, an air elemental, who arranged for Riddick to be brought to Helion. Aereon explains to Riddick that he is in-fact part of a prophecy which states that a lone Furyan would one day challenge an unstoppable evil force and bring balance to the universe. Aereon reveals that a race known as the Necromongers is the army of which the prophecy foretells. Following this revelation, the Necromonger army attacks Helion Prime, and wipes out the planet’s defenses in one night. Imam is killed in the attack. Riddick later takes on Imam's killer - one of the best among the Necromonger warriors - and defeats him by utilising a knife lodged in the warrior's back. Due to the Necromonger philosophy of "you keep what you kill", the knife becomes Riddick's property. Riddick later allows himself to be re-captured by the bounty hunter Toombs so he can be transported to the triple max prison on Crematoria, a dead world with day-time surface temperatures that scorch the face of the planet. The prison is located deep underground.

Riddick is reunited with Jack, who now goes by the name of Kyra. Kyra blames Riddick for leaving her and Imam in New Mecca - but eventually they reconcile. Riddick and Kyra devise a plan to escape the Crematoria prison. They reach the surface of the planet and race toward the ship hangar across the ashen-landscape just ahead of the deadly rising sun. By staying out of the light, (which is several hundred degrees in temperature) Riddick and Kyra (and several other escapees) reach the hangar ahead of the prison guards. Here a Necromonger named Vaako attacks Riddick and ends up taking Kyra hostage. Riddick almost burns to death on the Crematoria surface, but is later saved by a Necromonger who reveals himself to be another Furyan. Riddick flies Toombs’ ship back to Helion Prime, where he intends to rescue Kyra. Riddick arrives too late, however, and Kyra has been converted / brainwashed into believing the Necromonger religion. Enraged, Riddick hurls his knife at the Lord Marshal who catches it with only a slight cut to his right cheek and earlobe. The Lord Marshal comments that it has been a long time since he has seen his own blood and attacks Riddick with a punch in his astral form, powerful enough to knock Riddick backwards. Riddick is no match for the Marshal's unique Necromonger powers and is badly beaten, although he does surprise the Lord Marshal by managing to land several hits.

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