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Nitro Pro Enterprise Portable

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Nitro Pro Enterprise 10 5 5 29 Portable

Nitro Pro Enterprise Ptable | 199 Mb
Nitro Pro 10 gives you everything you need to create, convert, edit, sign, and share standard PDF files. It's simple, straightfward, and intuitive to use - so you can wk me productively, your way. With Nitro Pro you can share your files with others, no matter what platfm device they're on, and Nitro Pro 10 makes conversion easy. Convert one me files to PDF with just a click two. Reuse and repurpose PDF-based content with greater accuracy. With Nitro Pro's industry-leading conversion technology and array of extraction tools you can easily repurpose text and images from repts, presentations, and me f reuse in any other application. Share files with the peace of mind, knowing almost anyone on almost any machine can open, view, and review - every time.

Directly edit your PDF files me easily. Just click, and edit. Nitro Pro 10 enables you to edit entire paragraphs with ease, automatically reflowing text as you type - like you would in a wd process.
Nitro Pro 10 gives you a powerful set of easy-to-use tools that make wking with digital documents simple, straightfward, and me cost-effective. Nitro Pro, the complete Adobe Acrobat alternative, enables you to do me with PDF through powerful tools to create, convert, edit, combine, secure, annotate, fm-fill, and save 100% industry-standard PDF files. Recipient of multiple best product awards, Nitro Pro is specifically designed f the business user and makes wking with PDF faster and easier than ever befe!
Nitro Pro 10 FEATURES:
* Create + Combine: Nitro Pro 10 lets you quickly and easily create professional-quality PDF documents from any fmat content type: paper scans, spreadsheets, presentations, repts, and me.
* Open, read and edit PDF files from other PDF applications, like Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader and other popular solutions.
* Create from 300+ Fmats
* Combine Files to PDF
* Print to PDF
* Microsoft Office Add-ins
* Preset & Custom Profiles
* Create from Clipboard
* PDF/A and Archival
* Scan to PDF
* Edit Text + Images: Add, manipulate, replace, and crect text and images in PDF files with intuitive editing tools. Extract and delete individual pages from documents.
* Edit Text
* Edit Images
* Edit Pages
* Optimize Files
* Bookmarks and Links
* Watermarks, Headers and Footers
* Apply Bates numbering when unique page labeling and identification is required across pages.
* Convert + Expt. Nitro Pro 10 lets you easily reuse and repurpose text, images, entire documents, with tools to accurately convert and extract PDF files and their content.
* PDF to Wd
* PDF to Excel
* PDF to Image
* Expt Text
* Expt Images
* Batch Expt
* Extract Pages
* Snapshot + Copy
* Scan + OCR. Apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to image- and paper-based documents and create searchable and/ editable layers of text f digital archival.
* Searchable Text Layers
* Editable Text Layers
* Scan to PDF
* Multi-language Suppt
* Repurpose f Conversion
* Collabate + Review. Review and markup PDF files faster with a range of text- and shape-based annotations. Easily involve multiple contributs with tools to track, st, and manage individual comments.
* Compatible With Adobe
* Markup and Review
* St and Manage Comments
* Stamps
* Shape and Pencil Markups
* Attach Files
* Sign + Certify. Electronically sign and return documents in seconds with QuickSign and streamline certifiable digital signature wkflows with one-click, reusable profiles. Certify and approve documents with preset and customizable dynamic stamps that include the time, date,
* Control + Protect. Control document access and usage with individual user permissions and digital IDs. Protect confidential infmation using military-grade 256-bit and remove sensitive content with Redaction.
* Electronic Fms. Create and distribute custom fms to gather infmation that are as intuitive as their paper counterparts - but much me efficient - and easily fill, submit, and save PDF fms
Nitro Pro 10 New Features:
* Batch Processing. Repetitive tasks involving one several documents can be automated with the Batch Processing tool.
* PDF Ptfolio. Combine files of any fmat into one PDF wrapper, similar to a zip file.
* PDF/A Conversion. Convert your document to different PDF/A standards as needed.
* Drag and Drop. Move copy pages from one document into another in another tab another instance of Nitro Pro.
* OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox Suppt. Save and ste documents directly from Nitro Pro to your OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox.
* App-V Suppt. Nitro Pro 10 can now wk with streaming environments such as App-V with one of our custom set-ups.
* RMS Integration. Microsoft RMS (Rights Management) protects and shares files by allowing you to encrypt your sensitive documents and restrict access to approved individuals only.
* Nitro Pro 10 now suppts 12 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Ptuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Nwegian, and Danish.
Nitro Pro 10 Improvements:
* QuickSign. Me custom options f drawing creating a signature as well as the ability to change the camera view (front back) to take a picture of a signature.
* Floating Search Bar. Floating search bar available with Control + F and advanced search enhancements.
* OCR. Higher accuracy in searching and converting text as well as better recognition of images and tables.
* Bookmarks (Print, Extract). Me functionality with the bookmarks is now available such as Printing and Extracting pages from a bookmarked section.
* Speed and Optimization. Launch time and overall perfmance speed has improved by 40% and optimization yields smaller, reduced files.
Whats New:
* Office Addins configuration files are now located within Nitro's folder in %AppData%
* Barcode functionality improved via a change in the code library
* Err 130 message would appear when opening multiple files via Windows Expler on Windows Server 2008
* PDF Ptfolio would not include any files currently open during the PDF Ptfolio creation process
* Outlook addin would cut off images in the PDF that were embedded within the body of the email message
* Wd addin would not convert Wd files that use Justify paragraph styling to PDF with crect spacing
* Wd addin now converts specific files using Convert Links option without crashing
* Wd addin would have issues converting links that contain special characters when the Convert Links option was enabled
* Internet Expler plugin would skip a page if the Next Page button is used after the page has been partially scrolled
* Internet Expler plugin will now show link objects that are set to have a visible outline
* Stamps updated with crect spelling f the default stamp collection
* Localization builds updated with translations f new strings


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