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Mathematica 8.0.4 for Linux

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Mathematica 8 0 4 for Linux
Mathematica 8.0.4 for Linux
SIZE : 1.25 GB

Mathematica integrates a numeric and symbolic engine spreadsheets, 2D & 3D graphics functions , programming and scientific word processor !
This comprehensive system provides unprecedented workflow and ensures consistency, reliability and innovation. Instead of using different applications for different jobs , Mathematica has developed since 20 years around a unique vision : the ultimate scientific environment .
Millions of users in the world of engineering, mathematics , finance , physics , chemistry , biology , and many other fields use Mathematica to analyze and solve scientific problems, not only for computing but also for requirements modeling, simulation, visualization , development, documentation and deployment.

Today , Mathematica introduced a radical unification of concepts programming language and interface to automate algorithmic computation, interactive manipulation and make dynamic presentations and a way entirely new way to interact with data .

Mathematica allows account :
A library of elementary functions.
A library of special functions.
Tools for manipulation matrices .
Tools for manipulating complex numbers.
Tools to draw graphs in 2D and 3D as well as the creation of animations.
It allows to solve different types of equations: Diophantine equation, differential equation , partial differential equations , algebraic differential equation and suites defined by induction .
It allows for statistical calculations , to test hypotheses , make probabilistic calculations .
It offers a programming language primarily functional type .
Tools for visualization and analysis of graphs.
Tools to solve combinatorial problems .
It allows the manipulation of regular expressions. a library of functions to number theory .


Before continuing, you need to install WINE order use this keygen with this torrent.

Once installed wine
1 - Application -> Wine - > winetricks
2 - Select the default wineprefix -> validate
3 - Install a Windows DLL or component - > validate
4 - Search and check vcrun2010 -> validate

For installation

1 - Open a terminal, and once in the Mathematica folder, type sudo sh
2 - Follow the installation procedure
Be careful to do ONCE !
3 - Once installed, launch Mathematica : it asks you to activate the product , choose : "enter an activation key" -> "Other ways to activate" -> "Manual activation "
4 - Run the keygen with wine
5 - > Save mathpass - Educate MathID field with keygen MathID given on the activation screen Mathematica
6 - Renter activation key and password

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